Mugabe a responsive, accountable leader – loyalist

Harare – Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe‘s loyalist, Psychology Maziwisa, has hailed the nonagenarian as a “responsive and accountable leader”, as the country awaits his state of the nation address (Sona) on Tuesday.\r\n


Robert Mugabe’s loyalist, Psychology Maziwisa


\r\nMaziwisa, who is Zanu-PF’s deputy director of information, wrote on his Facebook page: “President Mugabe is coming to Parliament this afternoon not just to deliver his state of the nation address, but also (and more importantly) to demonstrate that he is a responsive and accountable leader who adheres to the basic precepts of the Zimbabwean constitution.”\r\nThe Sona will be Mugabe’s first since 2007, when the Zimbabwe dollar crashed to record lows while inflation figures shot through the roof.\r\n\r\nThe veteran leader’s address comes amid pressure for his government to halt the country’s economic crisis, which continues to spiral out of control.\r\n\r\nHis administration is expected to implement measures to turn around the economy and stop current job cuts, which have seen at least 20 000 workers losing their livelihoods in the past few weeks.\r\nEconomic and political crisis\r\n\r\nMaziwisa’s post provoked angry reactions from his Facebook followers, with some saying he should be ashamed, especially at a time when the country is reeling under severe economic hardship.\r\n\r\nKing George Damson wrote: “That’s nonsense Maziwisa. Mugabe has not delivered a SONA in ages. Contrary to your posturing, this shows he does not either care about our plight or is clueless on the solutions needed to clean the mess he created…”\r\nAnother one of his followers, Tafara Dawa wrote: “I expect him to admit that he has failed the nation, that’s the best accountability he can deliver. Of cz we know he is going to blame everyone except himself. People are loosing jobs, hunger and unending poverty cycle with the politically connected getting fatter.How many jobs HV been created as per promise, zero,we are frustrated beyond imagination. [sic]”\r\nCharlie Arsenal Rakaz wrote: “u should be ashamed of your posts with the current situation on the ground.”\r\nMaziwisa has always praised Mugabe. At one time he referred to him as a leader “who virtually every Zimbabwean is fond of” and is “idolised by the entire African country”.\r\n\r\nMugabe’s critics have already expressed their doubts anything significant will come out of Mugabe’s address.\r\n\r\nThe opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) led by Morgan Tsvangirai said on Monday Zimbabweans should not expect “anything meaningful”, saying Mugabe won’t proffer any sustainable solutions to the country’s economic and political crisis.\r\n\r\n“It would be unwise for the poverty-stricken and politically downtrodden people of Zimbabwe to expect anything meaningful and workable to come out of Mugabe’s Sona,” the statement read.