Job Sikhala’s car linked to a murder

The car, a Toyota Hilux Vigo, registration AAT 6779 was allegedly used to illegally poach for firewood in the Beatrice area. The seven youths driving the vehicle were said to have turned rowdy after they were confronted as they indiscriminately chopped firewood from the farm. They beat up the owners of Kimcote farm who had confronted them for chopping firewood.

The AI farmers who confronted Sikhala ’s squad are Douglas Nyandare, Milton Chibanda and Innocent Makopa. After initially fleeing, they regrouped and decided to go back and repossess their firewood.

The group included Tongai Madamombe, 54, Garikayi Murehwa, 23, Anderson Hundudza, 31, Tom Zinyemba, 28, John Matienga, 32 (Sikhala’s driver), Barbara Makanyire, 21 and Langton Kufakunesu, 21.

A fracas was said to have erupted after the three farm owners confiscated firewood from the seven.
The seven, the Chitungwiza Magistrate Court heard, went to Nyandare’s homestead where they assaulted him demanding the firewood back.

They then went to Diton Chibunda’s place and Hilton Makope, whom they also beat up. At the next farm, they assaulted Kenny Chirimuuta, a farm guard, and tied up three people in Sikhala’s car and drove to Huruyadzo Shopping Centre in Chitungwiza where they beat them up thoroughly.

The three were Nyandare, Uwudi and Chirimuuta, and were viciously assaulted by the gang of seven, before they were taken to St Mary’s Police Station, where Sikhala’s alleged militia is said to have reported that they had ben assaulted by the three.

Police released the three the following day on health reasons.

Uwudi was said to have suffered a broken rib during the assault by Sikhala’s militia. He died at Beatrice Hospital. His post-mortem report says “cause of death… head injuries secondary to assault.’

The police recovered the vehicle and has been positively identified as Sikhala’s vehicle.

“My detractors want to involve my car in a murder case,” Sikhala said. “It is perpetuated by my political enemies who are against total emancipation of the people. They are allegations by detractors bent on hampering my influence.”

Sikhala claims he has staged a coup and usurped power from party leader, Arthur Mutambara, who he accuses of having defected to President Mugabe’s Zanu-PF. SOURCE: Zimgossip