Bhasera's "transfer" referred to FIFA


    Gomes clears the situation after Portsmouth earlier described Bhasera’s contract with Chiefs as “illegal”.
    Pompey claims that in Bhasera’s Chiefs contract, the optional year has no (financial) figures stated. In other words, his salary, specifically for the optional one-year, is not mentioned in the contract, making it “null” and “void”.
    Chiefs claim they have a one-year option, which means according to them, his contract expires in June 2010.
    Gomes is not Bhasera’s agent, but he is part of the deal, because he had been asked to facilitate a trial for Bhasera in England, which he passed at Portsmouth and was offered a three-year contract after securing a work permit, but Chiefs and Portsmouth are now at loggerheads with Pompey saying Bhasera is a free agent and Chiefs saying his contract expires next year and therefore, Pompey must pay them a transfer fee.
    Gomes explains his role and the whole situation in detail: “The player didn’t take up the option and subsequently, I was asked in March this year, after the player told his representatives that he didn’t want to stay at Chiefs, to look for something for him in England, because of my contacts there, since I played in England,” he says.
    “Chiefs want a substantial transfer fee for the player, which they are not entitled to and therefore, Portsmouth have referred the matter to Fifa,” Gomes continues.
    There are reasons, according to Gomes, why he believes Chiefs stand no chance once the matter is with Fifa’s legal team.
    “If Chiefs claim he is still their player, where is the new contract? Secondly, why did they never put anything in writing six months before the expiry of his contract, stating that they wanted to retain him, as per Fifa rules? Thirdly, why haven’t they been paying him since July? Since he’s been at Portsmouth, why haven’t they contacted the player to say ‘Listen, you are under contract with us and you’ve been missing, therefore you are suspended pending a disciplinary hearing’?
    “They have done nothing! You know what the bottom line is… greed for money! It is (Chiefs’) opportunity to make money and they have asked for a considerable transfer fee. The figures are between £300 000 and £500 000 pounds (between R3 million and close to R6 million in today’s exchange rate). I believe in the long run, justice and honesty will prevail,” Gomes concludes.
    The player’s real agent, believed to be a Zimbabwean guy, is also a mystery to Gomes; therefore we have been unable to get a comment from him.
    Chiefs’ football manager Bobby Motaung couldn’t be reached for comment as his phone is off, but in previous conversations with about this specific issue, he has maintained that they are confident Fifa will rule in their favour. What Motaung needs to answer now is one key question that Gomes poses; did Chiefs give the player a letter stating their intention to exercise the year option six months before his contract expired, according to Fifa rules?