Msika Died A Bitter Man – Dabengwa

Dabengwa who was addressing a press conference on Thursday after a workshop to re-organise his party, said: “Msika mobilized us to break away from the marriage of convenience after Mugabe failed to honour the agreement.

He was not so open about it, but the truth is that he told us to have a national congress and consult on the way forward. He died a very bitter man, he must be turning in his grave because he felt betrayed by Zanu PF.”

Msika died in August this year.

Zapu pulled out of the 987 Unity Accord in May to revitalize after party stalwarts-among them Dabengwa and other politicians from Matabeleland-complained of being overshadowed by Zanu PF.

Dabengwa said Msika approved of the pull-out from the Unity Accord after Mugabe failed to honour the agreement.

Zapu fought alongside Zanu in the war of liberation. The two later merged to become Zanu PF after Mugabe unleashed the North Korean trained six Brigade in Matabeleland that killed thousands of people in what was later called the Gukurahundi massacres.

ZAPU was being accused of being involved in insurgency, banditry and trying to topple Mugabe. Several party leaders-among them Dabengwa, and late veteran nationalist Joshua Nkomo-were arrested.

Dabengwa said that they were forced into signing the agreement after thousands lost lives, while many were left crippled.

“We had no option as our people were being killed. We told ourselves that there was no option except to sign the deal and save their lives. We hoped the deal would work,” said the intelligence supreme.

Commenting on the appointment of vice president from their party, as per the 1987 agreement, Dabengwa said they were not going to field a candidate to fill that post because they are totally divorced from the agreement.

He speculated that many political heavies from Matabeleland would also follow suit and defect from ZANU PF ‘when the time would be ripe’.