Extra lessons debate rages on



The Government has stopped schools from conducting extra lessons during school holidays arguing that children should rest after a long school term. Many used to know that the August holiday is the busiest when it comes to revision with many students taking part at their respective schools and returning the last two weeks.

This week Cool Lifestyle went around asking schoolchildren on their views about the cancellation of extra lessons during school holidays:

Personally extra lessons are very helpful due to the fact that some of us will be lagging behind in our school work, extra lessons help us to keep up with our school work so that when exam time comes we won’t fail.

Courtney Bakyayita, 18, Lifelong College.


Extra lessons should be cancelled because some of us who spend the school term in boarding schools away from our families get to be with them during holidays. It is our only chance to relax and spend quality time with family and friends.

Junior Wishard, 19, Chemhanza High School.


I think extra lessons are alright because students get to have one on one lessons with their teachers something they cannot do during school days. This helps because we can ask them what we don’t understand and they can explain in a way that we understand.

Chris Tupiri, 19, Prince Edward


Extra lessons stop us from doing other activities at home like helping our parents with chores. We are not able to attend family functions like weddings and parties because we have to go to school during holidays, therefore I agree with the Government in banning extra work.

Leila Sibanda, 14, Midlands Christian College.


I see no difference personally between going to school during school days and during holidays because the things that we are taught during school days are the same with the things that we are taught during holidays so extra lessons are a waste of time and money to me.

Innocent Manje, 16, City Academy.


I don’t like extra lessons because they are done during holidays of which it is time for me to rest, away from school work. School holidays are there for a reason and we as students should respect that.

Joseph Nyakudya, 18, Sodbury High School.


Holiday is the time where we help our families with household chores since during school days they will be doing everything for us before we leave for school, when extra lessons are in the way then it means our parents will have to continue working for us as we continue going to school yet they need our help.

Tapiwa Kativhu, 15, City Academy.


Extra lessons are not ideal especially in terms of discipline because students tend to misbehave during extra lessons and teachers cannot instil discipline on them because they will be claiming it’s a holiday and school rules will be different from the normal school rules.

Malvin Toga, 14, Mutero Mission.


The one reason why they have said no to extra lessons is their claim that students need to rest. I don’t think it is a valid reason because it is up to the students to decide whether they want to rest or not since everyone has their right to choose what they want, so in that case the Government is wrong.

Fadzai Majuru, 18, Girls High School


Extra lessons are not necessary because they require money, not everyone is capable of acquiring the necessary funds and this will be a direct disruption of mainstream education provision to every other student who cannot afford to pay for extra lessons.

Munashe Matekenya, 15, Marist Brothers.


Extra lessons are ideal because they help me revise the work that I did not grasp in the course of the school term. They also help me in learning the things that I will learn in the next term and when exam time comes, I am assured to come with straight ‘A’s.

Shalom Mtetwa, 18, Kriste Mambo.


The Government is right in banning extra lessons because holidays are very important. It is the only time that we have as school children to relax and enjoy ourselves with family and friends.

Chikomborero Miti, 18, St Johns Emerald.


I think the termination of extra lessons by the Government is not right. The Government is supposed to inform the students first on what they think about the issue and then decide if it okay to go ahead and ban extra lessons. Some of us actually benefit from these extra lessons and once they are terminated we will surely fail.

Tinashe Chagwenda, 19, Christ Ministries.


The holiday is the only time I have to rest after coming from a long school term, if I continue going to school even during the holiday then it means I won’t have enough time to rest thereby putting my mind in a lot of school pressure, the Government is right in banning extra lessons because we students need time to rest.

Panashe Chinguno, 16, Mukai High School