Warrant Of Arrest For Zanu PF MP


    Huruva, who controversially became the war veteran provincial chairman early this year, stands accused of allegedly beating his habitual rival and fellow war veteran– Isaiah Muzenda-at a government building in February when the two were fighting for a vehicle which belongs to the National War Veterans Association.

    The event has exposed serious cracks in the party as national secretary for the war veteran’s association retired army major Alex Mudavanhu is going to testify against his provincial chairman.

    It is the State’s case that on 9 February 2009, at Benjamin Burombo Building around 1645 hours, Muzenda- a former war veteran chairman-approached Huruva who was in a silver CAM pick up and grabbed the keys of the vehicle from the ignition and tried to run away with them.


    However, luck ran out of Muzenda as Huruva caught him and grabbed him by the collar from behind while the other hand was searching for keys in the pockets. After getting the keys, Huruva, allegedly clapped him once on the right cheek.


    Muzenda reported the case to Masvingo Central Police Station leading to Huruva’s arrest.


    In applying for a warrant of arrest on behalf of the State, Prosecutor Derek Charamba said Huruva was fully aware that he was supposed to appear in court last Friday.


    Huruva was served with summons on 20 August 2009 but he did not give a reason why he failed to show up for trial.

    The MP, also Zanu PF political commissar is also facing another case of public violence following his involvement in a fight at Neshuro in Mwenezi early this year when he was accused of trying to impose candidates in the District Coordinating Committee (DCC) elections.