Mukoko Gets Passport Back

Mukoko surrendered her passport together with title deeds and parted with US$600 as part of her bail conditions when she was released from prison early this year following her abduction by state security agents.

But the Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP) executive director got her passport and title deeds back last week after her lawyer Harrison Nkomo petitioned the Attorney General (AG)’s Office to release the passport, the title deeds and the bail money.

However, court officials did not give Mukoko back her bail money. Nkomo said the clerk of court at the Harare Magistrates Court where the bail money was deposited did not give any satisfactory reasons for holding onto the bail money.

The Supreme Court last week stopped the prosecution of the former Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) after ruling that the abduction and torture she was subjected to violated her constitutional rights.

Mukoko, whose organization has been documenting rights violations for the past decade was abducted from her Norton home last December by state security agents who held her incommunicado for three weeks together with two ZPP employees.