Zimbabwe central bank governor files $1 million defamation lawsuit against ruling party youth leader

John Mangudya

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor, John Mangudya has filed a defamation lawsuit against Zanu PF Youth League deputy secretary Lewis Matutu.

He is demanding RTGS$1 million.

Addressing journalists at the party’s headquarters in Harare on Monday, Matutu named Mangudya among corrupt Zimbabweans who are sabotaging the country’s economy.

In a letterr dated June 26 2019, Mangudya’s legal representatives wrote to Matutu and the ZANU PF Youth League saying:

… We have instructions to demand the immediate retraction of the statements via a public press conference and public notice, coupled with the publication of a written apology to our client signed by each of you personally and on behalf of the ZANU PF Youth League, for injury caused to his reputation by your statements.