Hospital Forced To Train Zanu PF Militia As Nurses

The course starts mid October.

Mission sources said it had no choice but to give in to the directive by Titus Maluleke.

“It was very embarrassing to have all the 20 students getting in without being interviewed. What also pains most is the fact that a lot of competent candidates who had applied for the course had to be dumped so that these would be accommodated,” said a highly placed source at Msiso.

Speaking on behalf of the church, Father Walter Nyatsanza, said:  “I can confirm that there are some problems as some big guys would also want to bring their people. There is a serious problem and we are afraid that some competent people might be left out along the way. I can not comment further than this on telephone.”

Masvingo Governor denied the allegations saying: “I do not want to talk about that issue to you. There is nothing I did and I do not want to get questions about that from you again.”

Member of Parliament for Zaka West constituency, Festus Dumbu, complained over the issue saying the people in his constituency were planning to demonstrate at the mission. He said the standards of health professionals must not be compromised by a few greedy individuals from Zanu PF.

“We are aware of the incident and we are not happy. The people here are planning to stage a demonstration at the mission sometime this week. We do not want to see that happening. Few corrupt individuals must never be allowed to continue ruining this country willingly,” said Dumbu.