"Priscilla hired assasins on husband" – Report

The latest allegations are set to raise the stakes in a messy inheritance wrangle with the late surgeon’s children.

Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga, the Minister of Regional Integration and International Cooperation, has been at the centre of accusations and counter accusations of double wills and forged signatures.

She is now being accused of hiring the hit-squad that killed her husband under inexplicable circumstances. It was initially seen as a political-hit.

But confidential documents shown to zimGossip reveal that the children cited the “inexplicable attack” of their father as a hit sanctioned by the minister.

zimGossip could not reach the minister for comment.

But a source says: “The children have heard lots of stories on their step mother and their trust ratings are low. There is Welshman’s issue, that he was plundering. There are general accusations that she was generous with her things. They are treating everything with suspicion.”

The wrangle over the will is also raging on in the courts but no date has been set down for the inheritance dispute.

The minister and her late husband reportedly jointly wrote one of the wills in 2005, while Dr Mushonga purportedly wrote another in 2008.

The two wills inexplicably bear different dates of birth for Dr Mushonga.

Mushonga’s nine children – Munemo, Tawengwa, Sekai, Nyarai, Ndambi, Musodzi, Pfumojena, Takudzwa and Hazviperi Oprah want the High Court to convene a meeting to appoint an executor to the estate.

They accuse the minister of brandishing a fake will, and accuse the minister of attempting to seize their father’s property. (ZimGossip)