Let Mugabe Die in Office – Jonathan Moyo

The former Minister of Information and Publicity who has reportedly re-applied to rejoin the party he dumped in 2005 after plotting against Mugabe said there was no need to pressure the ageing leader to step down.

“When I drafted my manifesto as an independent candidate for Tsholotsho I put President Mugabe, the late vice-presidents Joshua Nkomo, Simon Muzenda and lately Joseph Msika, Herbert Chitepo, and Josiah Tongogara as my founding fathers of our country,” Moyo told journalists at the Bulawayo Press Club.

“Three of these were vice-presidents (who) have gone and the fourth one is remaining.

“When they died, they were all occupying the office but not discharging their duties. Why should the remaining one be treated differently.”

Mugabe says he would not step down as long as “imperialists” are still pushing for regime change.

In an interview with CNN on Thursday,the 85-year-old leader refused to discuss his retirement plans.

Moyo was shown the door alongside a number of Zanu PF rebels after the infamous Tsholotsho Declaration described by Mugabe as a coup attempt.

On Friday, the former Zanu PF propaganda mastermind who is loathed by many for introducing harsh media laws that led to the banning of several newspapers, said he was no longer interested in pushing for Mugabe’s ouster.

“I do not think that it will be fair to suggest that people like me would re-incarnate something like that,” Moyo said.

“There are people who think that my return will obviously regenerate that factional set up.

“Senior leaders in Zanu PF should now have seen the light that says factions do not pay.

“We have to be clear Zanu PF needs to move to a post-faction era because these factions have not helped the party in any way.”

The Zanu PF politburo says it will consider Moyo’s application in its next sitting. (The Zimbabwe Standard)