Jonathan Moyo: The Myths of a Conflicted Double Agent

His latest charges and scattered accusations about MDC running a parallel government and working in cahoots with the World Bank to effect regime change undermine efforts of rebuilding Zimbabwe, whose ruin he aided. 

In a recent confusing article enmeshed and distorted with the usual sovereignty and imperialism demagoguery, Jonathan Moyo accused the MDC of running a parallel government “in the hope of effecting yet another Final Push and regime change”. Other than the ‘regime change’ he invented and promoted by Jonathan Moyo himself, MDC remains unwaveringly committed to the principles of democracy and rule of law.

In an attempt to leverage his recent desperate application for rehabilitation and re-admission into Zanu PF, and with the help of the state media, Moyo found it necessary to use patently false information.  Without any evidence to support his claims, Moyo further alleged that the Prime Minister is paying directors in his office salaries in the region of $7000 per month clandestinely funded by the World Bank.

The alleged US$7000 is an unconvincing fictitious figure being used by Jonathan Moyo as a smokescreen designed to sow seeds of discontent in order to incite mistrust and to undermine confidence in the Prime Minister. For the sake of responsible journalism, Jonathan Moyo and the rest of the state media must be challenged to prove the claims as no government officer affiliated to the Prime Minister’s office is being paid that kind of money.  After all the World Bank is also a phone call away for verification. But again reporting objectively does not further their causes.

Contrary to the malicious rumours treated as fact by Jonathan and State Media, the PM’s office is staffed by twelve professionals who have satisfactorily driven policy implementation. There is an obvious sense that these eleven people have performed mightily in an environment of very limited resources where some of them are barely paid. Of the twelve officers, the Mighty Dozen in the Prime Minister’s office, only three have been confirmed by the Public Service Commission this far.

According to readily available information, it must also be noted that there is a staff compliment of 500 directors in the Office of the President and Cabinet and elsewhere in public service. If over the years, those hundreds of directors had performed or were allowed to perform just as professionally, efficiently and effectively as the twelve in the Prime Minister’s office, Zimbabwe would be a success story today.

While we understand Moyo’s frantic efforts to regain favour with Mugabe, this latest stunt is laughable. Never mind the fact that there is already deep-seated mistrust of Moyo wherever he goes and whatever he does especially by Mugabe himself. Mugabe once described him as state enemy “number one” as he precipitously fired him from Zanu PF in 2005 Moyo was fired under the most humiliating circumstances that came complete with immediate eviction from his residence provided by state.

By engaging in this latest form of mischief and inspired by his delusions of grandeur, Moyo proves once again that he is still dangerous. Zimbabwe cannot afford to have this man on the loose again. For whatever reason, if Zanu PF immediately rehires and parachutes him to his former job as Mugabe’s chief propagandist and spinmeister extraordinaire, in the minds of many Zimbabweans, Jonathan Moyo is still on political probation. His is a special purgatory for someone who still personifies yesteryear’s violence against independent press and freedom of expression.

The people of Zimbabwe know better to give any credence to Jonathan Moyo’s recent scaremongering and hallucinatory predictions of his newfound version of a political apocalypse being brought about by the MDC. As demonstrated by a new lease of life it has already ushered, to Zimbabweans, MDC does not have any other agenda except serving the people of Zimbabwe, with their interests as priority.

Contrary to State media reports, MDC does not have a parallel government. The Prime Minister is the head of government under whose jurisdiction supervision of all ministries lie (see GPA Article 20.1.4 to 20.1.6). Just as Zanu PF has violated many terms of the GPA, this latest effort is an attempt at redrawing new ‘terms’ of the GPA. Zanu PF and its top brass are the ones running a parallel government.

What better way to prove the existence of a parallel government than with Chinamasa’s recent misconduct of withdrawing the country from the SADC tribunal without cabinet approval. The SADC Tribunal which recently ruled Zimbabwe’s state sanctioned land invasions as illegal apparently infuriated Chinamasa, a multiple farm owner himself (according to Chiwewe), just like many of his colleagues in Zanu PF. Who then is behind the continuing farm invasions? It is the parallel government of Mugabe!

The glaring intransigence of the ultra-partisan security chiefs who constitute the National Security Council came under scrutiny again recently when they refused to meet with Prime Minister as stipulated under the terms of the Global Political Agreement (GPA). The last time we checked, all the security chiefs report directly to the Commander of the Defence Forces- non other than Robert Mugabe himself.

More progress has been recorded in the past seven months since MDC joined government than an entire decade of extreme suffering and record hyperinflation brought about by ”Mugabe’s unwanted rule’, as accurately stated by Jonathan Moyo. It comes as a disappointment to Zanu PF that MDC has not betrayed the people of Zimbabwe. They are desperate to find an excuse to derail the unity government as MDC stands with its head high given the overwhelming approval by people of Zimbabwe.

Moyo’s application to rejoin the ‘reshuffled and recycled deadwood in Zanu PF”, as he recently described them; he has done so much for Mugabe and the Zanu PF establishment. The people of Zimbabwe will never forget his aiding and abetting violent farm invasions. The Zimbabwe Times of July 18, 2008 confirmed that it was Jonathan Moyo who engineered the stolen election of 2002 as well as acting recently as chief adviser to the Joint Operations Command chaired by his long-time ally and co-conspirator of the Tsholotsho failed ‘coup’, Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Zanu PF is in disarray and it comes as no surprise that it is using these allegations against MDC as a scapegoat. The targeted sanctions they are clamouring about were not imposed by MDC and as such it is up to the imposers of the sanctions to remove them. But again how do they remove those sanctions when underlying conditions for imposing them have not been met. Farm invasions are still being ordered by Zanu PF top brass. Lawlessness and human rights abuses are still rampant. Zanu PF does not want to see a new constitution in place. For targeted sanctions to be removed the message is quite simple, it starts and ends with restoring the people’s freedoms and rights (individual and property rights).

In a short space of time since the inception of inclusive government, Zimbabwe has already been transformed.  People are reclaiming the future once again. As a result schools and hospitals have reopened while more opportunities abound.  As the Prime Minister recently stated, the new political dispensation “brought life into our economy and hope to the people”

In the face of MDC’s opposition -, Zanu PF, this is tantamount to political victory which must be stopped at all costs. Fortunately the people of Zimbabwe know where the credit belongs –to them, for having elected new and trustworthy leadership.

Jonathan Moyo must remember that it was his hate language that caused violent farm seizures. It was hate language against the West and international lending institutions that also contributed to Zimbabwe being a pariah state. Like Mugabe, Moyo continues to tread in that path of vicious verbal assaults and hate language on the very international community whose help we desperately need.

By his own admission and when it was convenient Moyo wrote: “But most compelling reasons for Mugabe to resign now have to with his own fallen standing in and outside the country. That Mugabe must go now is thus no longer an dismissible opposition slogan but a strategic necessity… One does not need to be a malcontent to see that, after 25 years of controversial rule the economy has melted down as a direct result of that rule.

“Mugabe’s continued stay in office has become such an excessive burden to the welfare of the state and such a fatal danger to the public interest of Zimbabweans at home and in the Diaspora that each day that goes by with him in office leaves the nation’s survival at great risk while seriously compromising national sovereignty.”

Contrary to misinformation published in State media that the disbursement of the IMF’s recent loan to Zimbabwe signifies the international community’s confidence in Dr Gono’s as a competent and credible Reserve Bank Governor, it is in actual fact the confidence expressed in Minister Tendai Biti who is in charge of the public purse.

 As central bank governor, Gono continues to be a stumbling block to the smooth running of inclusive government and reform. It is therefore absurd to accolade someone who has not yet been absolved (and will not be absolved) from his culpability in the gross mismanagement and collapse of Zimbabwe’s economy. Alongside with Attorney General Johannes Tomana, Mugabe’s team of meddlers is complete. Zanu PF finds it very difficult that all of a sudden there is need for accountability having spent the past 29 years plundering national resources unchecked. 

In his article entitled “Reject Mugabe’s ploy to rule forever” available on his website, and also published by the Zimbabwe Independent as recent as February 9, 2007 Jonathan Moyo boldly and eloquently called for regime change. Calling Mugabe ’stupid’ Jonathan Moyo further states, “Zimbabwe urgently needs a new competent government with national and international goodwill under a new leader, not a reshuffled cabinet led by a failed and discredited sunset president who wants to cling onto power through mendacious means when he should be leaving office.”

“The mind of the electorate is now so fixed against Mugabe that if he were to contest against a donkey in the run-off, the donkey would win by a landslide not because anyone would vote for it but simply because people would vote against Mugabe and thus benefit the donkey” wrote  Moyo on June3, 2008

The new leader which Jonathan Moyo prophetically wrote about finally came into existence, democratically chosen by people of Zimbabwe. Even though the very partners to the new government short-changed him by stealing an election which was otherwise a landslide victory, by joining the unity government, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai chose the path of national interest so as to afford Zimbabweans a new a beginning.

On May 3 2008 two months after the stolen election, Moyo  warned that“the mind of the electorate is now so fixed against Mugabe that if he were to contest against a donkey in the run-off, the donkey would win by a landslide” adding that “there is no doubt that Tsvangirai would win the run”

From a political standpoint, Jonathan Moyo is going to be a monstrous liability to those who are going to rescue him from political oblivion. As reported in the Daily Mirror of January 15 2005, Zanu PF National Chairman John Nkomo stated: “He is not just silly, confused, but stupid.” After all he still has some unfinished business given the Tsholotsho debacle. For someone getting ready to exploit Mugabe’s advanced age and Zanu PF’s internal fissures, the timing of Moyo’s application is impeccable. But Mugabe must be very afraid.

At a time the MDC is successfully restoring prosperity and deeply engaged in rebuilding burnt bridges with the international community especially lending institutions such as the World Bank and IMF, Moyo’s attacks are not only counterproductive but selfish, primitive and economically suicidal. To all progressive Zimbabweans, it is an insult for a fringe politician like Moyo to devise such dangerous, hateful and divisive tricks in this day and age. Jonathan Moyo is officially the Great Satan!