Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Goes To London


    Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s office, Gorden Moyo will head a team from the country which includes ZSE chief executive officer, Emmanuel Munyuki and the Zimbabwe Investment Authority head Richard Mubaiwa.

    The conference seeks to lure investors to invest in the country and to involve Zimbabweans in the diaspora to contribute to the lasting growth in Zimbabwe.

    "We expect to have roughly 200 delegates from the Diaspora, plus special invited guests. The event will also compliment and provide support for efforts by both Zimbabwe and the UK Government to implement solutions that help Zimbabwe in stemming the current problem of mass migration and the effects of ‘Brain Drain’ out of Zimbabwe," the official said.

    "The event will bring together Zimbabwe Diasporas in the UK and other stakeholders to focus on investment opportunities in Zimbabwe, such that  that the Diaspora can tap into these, since many are under pressure to look at their options in terms of investment and placing their commitment back into a future in Zimbabwe."

    The initiative to have a conference in London, mooted in Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s office, will help Zimbabweans who have been in the United Kingdom for years to use channels available to support their return in the country. The participation of the ZSE at the conference will help explain how the bourse has been faring since the dollarisation of the economy.

    However, Zimbabweans in the diaspora booed Tsvangirai on his first official visit to London mid-year after the premier told them "that it was time to return home."

    Zimbabweans in London include legal and illegal political refugees, asylum seekers and economic refugees who have openly expressed their displeasure with the unity deal Tsvangirai signed with President Robert Mugabe one year ago.

    Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has accused Mugabe for dragging his feet in resolving outstanding issues which include the appointment of the Reserve Bank Governor and Attorney General. Radio VOP