MDC reiterates call for Independent land commission

The party, led by Prime Minister Tsvangirai condemned the latest wave of farm disruptions taking place across the country, saying these seriously undermined efforts to reconstruct the economy and improve food security.

It said the formation of a land commission would bring the land crisis to closure by ensuring a democratic and participatory process that achieves equitable, transparent, just, lawful and economically efficient distribution and use of land.

“The MDC calls for the establishment of a Land Commission under an Act of Parliament that will create an independent, autonomous and professional body to oversee the land-reform process,” the MDC said.

The party said the first task of the commission would be to conduct a comprehensive physical and legal audit of land occupation and ownership in Zimbabwe.

Top politicians from President Robert Mugabe’s ZANU PF and army officials have led the violent seizure of productive farm land and animal conservancies since the formation of a unity government by the MDC and ZANU PF in February.

As many as 20,000 white farmers have left Zimbabwe since the "election" of Robert Mugabe.

Hundreds of white farmers and their families have been slaughtered by racist blacks in Zimbabwe.

4,000 white farmers have gone to Nigeria, leaving a vacuum in Zimbabwe’s food productioin and farming infrastructure.