Zanu PF and MDC Youths Clash


    The Zanu PF youths had compiled names of MDC supporters who had attended the rally held in Karoi, about 60 kilometers north of Karoi farming town, situated in Mashonaland West about 204 kilometres north-west of Harare.

    ”We had just arrived from the Karoi rally and had used Chief Kazangarare’s car to attend the rally. Zanu PF youths ambushed us at Kazangarare business centre where they assaulted us.

    They accused us of being sell-outs who had attended the MDC rally in Karoi on Sunday afternoon since most villagers were blacklisted to attend the rally. Some did not attend the rally out of fear. The youths used logs to beat us all over the bodies” said one victim who has since fled the rural area.

    A police source privy to investigations from Kazangarare confirmed the incident saying, ”Five people have been arrested over political violence here and we have since referred them to Karoi court.

    Though the suspects had implicated Zanu PF councillor Jahweti Kazangarare of having assigned them, he has distanced himself from the violence but our investigations will continue.”

    MDC lost hundreds of its supporters in the bloody June run-off including the late Tapiwa Mugwandarikwa who was murdered in Kazangarare in April last year.

    Officer Commanding Hurungwe under which Kazangarare falls, Chief Superintendent David Mandizha, was not immediately available for comment.

    Ironically on Sunday, Chief Kazangarare attended the rally in Karoi that was addressed by MDC’s secretary-general and Finance Minister Tendai Biti who called on Zimbabweans to fully participate in crafting of a new constitution.

    Karoi has been one of the Zanu PF strongholds and in the past has been a no-go area for the opposition.