US congressmen to press Mugabe on full GPA implimentation

The congressmen said this when they met Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe, on the sidelines of the ongoing 64th session of the United Nations general assembly meeting in New York, on Monday.

The delegation of the congressmen led by Danny Davies of the 7th district of Illinois and Gregory Meeks who visited Zimbabwe with another group of congressmen recently, and met president Mugabe and prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai separately, said the relationship between Zimbabwe and the United States government is reconcilable. They stressed the need for re-engagement between the two governments.

Congressman Davies said he would want to see ties between Zimbabwe and the US "renegotiated, reconstituted and developed" ,adding that he is pleased with the progress made by the inclusive government in Zimbabwe and would want to see effort in full implimenation of the coalition agreement in order for the US congress to be speed up the process of the removal of the sanctions and normalisation of relations.

Congressman Gregory Meeks indicated that he is returning to Zimbabwe in December with a larger group of congressmen to see for themselves the situation on the ground.

Sources close to the meeting revealed that the group of congressmen is already working on a campaign to promote Zimbabwean tourism under the theme "Hallo Zimbabwe" ahead of the 2010 world cup in South Africa and to promote tourism in general in Zimbabwe.

They urged Robert Mugabe to stop farm invasions and killing opposition supporters.

The US imposed sanction on Zimbabwe in 2002 after Robert Mugabe’s government embarked in 2000 on violent land reform programme and killing and torture of white commercial farmers and opposition supporters.