Don’t topple Mugabe, says Nujoma

The retired Namibian President has taken issue with those he accuse of trying to topple the Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe.

“The white imperialists should be careful not to topple Comrade President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, because if you touch Zimbabwe, then you touch Namibia and the whole Southern African Development Community (SADC).”

He was addressing a Swapo star rally at Ongwediva in the Oshana Region over the weekend.

“It is because of the Western powers and those colonialists that oppositions are formed in our countries in the African continent and elsewhere in the world,” he said.

According to Nujoma, the United States and Britain imposed suctions against Zimbabwe because the Zimbabwean people demanded their land from white minorities who occupied a high percentage of good land in Zimbabwe.

“How could one impose sanctions against people who are demanding their own land and it was made that those who have too much land or many farms should give some to the government so that the landless black people could be resettled there?” Nujoma asked.

“The whites have been on our necks and colonised us for a long time, they crossed with our people through the Atlantic Ocean and made us slaves in their countries. ‘Omushiningwa iha dhimbwa, ashike omushiningi oye owala ha dhimbwa’. (The victim will not forget, but the wrongdoer will forget easily.) The whites must be careful, if they play with us we will thoroughly deal with them,” a fired Nujoma stated.

“How do we turn our children into guns and bullets, we can only do that if we teach them computers, Mathematics and science subjects at a very tender age. Let’s do that right now while they are in kindergarten,” he said. “Only if children understand computers, Mathematics and science subjects, then we in Namibia, SADC region and the entire African continent can talk about standing on our own feet.

He said imperialist countries are now poor because they finished all their natural resources. Because they have all knowledge and skills, they come to African and Asian countries to tap the natural resources and take them to their countries for their own benefit.

Nujoma compared the white minorities with a black mamba (snake), which even if you keep it in a room, it will bite you one day if you step on it.

“Whites are dangerous, just like a black mamba, if they oust Mugabe, they will oust another president in the African continent,” he said.

The Swapo rally took place at Ongwediva Mayor’s Park on Saturday.