Moyo now a threat to national security

In a long winding and empty installment in the Sunday Mail, Moyo made a lot of serious accusations against the MDC-T in the vain hope of destroying the unity government

So foolish is Jonathan Moyo that he is continuing his asymmetric war of attrition against the Prime Minister and Tendai Biti in particular by repeating the biggest joke in town that the MDC is running a parallel government within the inclusive government

Moyo thinks that if he can cheat the old, tired and useless geriatrics in ZANU PF, then he can cheat all Zimbabweans by citing a few names of PM Tsvangirai staff and present them as a parallel government. For the avoidance of doubt, the PM office is a new government Office which had no staff at the inception of the GNU. Given the hard fact that the Prime Minister chairs the Council of Ministers responsible for policy formulation and implementation and also the undeniable fact that he is the only hope for a better Zimbabwe to all the long suffering Zimbabweans who demonstrated this in empirical terms by voting him into power in the only free and fair elections of March, 2008, the PM had to hit the ground running to meet the expectations of the people of Zimbabwe

The ZANU PF government knew the political capital of the PM hence they manipulated their lunatics at the Public Service Commission which is under a ZANU PF misfit and geriatric, Mariyawanda Nzuwa so as to derail the PM‘s agenda. The PM rightly appointed patriotic Zimbabweans to his office to help him implement his agenda of saving Zimbabwe although they are not all on government payroll. This is an undeniable fact such that Mugabe only appointed the Permanent secretary of the PM, Ian Makone on 20 September 2009, 7 months after the GNU.Withiout a permanent secretary and ancillary staff, how did the ZANU PF electoral rejects expect the PM to function given the stratospheric expectations of the people of Zimbabwe on his shoulders?

Therefore to have a political lunatic in Jonathan Moyo vomiting nonsense about the PM staff by branding it a donor funded parallel government is the worst piece of stupidity and tomfoolery ever witnessed since the formation of the unity government

Jonathan Moyo claims that officials in the PM‘s office are earning more salaries than civil servants due to donor trinkets. Moyo must not think that if he can cheat the tired lumbern elements in ZANU PF all the time with cheap rhetoric, then he can still cheat all Zimbabweans all the time.

Does Moyo honestly think that Zimbabweans don’t know that all ZANU PF ministers, Deputy Ministers, Permanent secretaries and directors as well as senior army officers are not only earning the pathetic 200 dollars from the fiscus but are getting huge top ups from the money that is being looted from blood diamonds that are being mined through forced labor of Chiadzwa villagers under the cover of darkness? Does Moyo dream that Zimbabweans are so stupid that they can think that Mugabe himself is surviving on a paltry 300 dollars which he is officially earning when he is embarking on shopping sprees in Dubai, Malaysia and Singapore? Does Moyo also suggest that Zimbabweans are not aware that he is surviving on a non-taxed 15 000 dollars retainer which he collects every month at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe for his role as the fake Dalai Lama of the Tsholotsho re-incarnate clique that is now running a murderous parallel government determined to maintain power at all costs

Moyo makes himself a pathetic fool by repeating the redundant and now monotonous ZANU PF monologue of blaming non-existent sanctions for the spectacular incompetence of the Mugabe led government of political somnambulists that are politically and biologically finished and has no business in government. Moyo can not have his cake and eat it for only 2 weeks ago; he was all over town with Gideon Gono drawing useless schemes to loot the 512.3 million dollars in Special drawing rights which Zimbabwe received from the very western donors through the IMF in response to the global economic crisis

If indeed there are economic sanctions on Zimbabwe as Jonathan Moyo and the intellectually blind ZANU PF bandwagon purports, then how on earth would the IMF release such a huge amount of money to Zimbabwe? The release of this money to Zimbabwe by the IMF has now put to rest the ZANU PF sanctions mantra.

The truth of the matter is that this money was from a fund that was established at the G20 under the leadership of US president Obama in order to assist all countries regardless of their arrears status at the IMF to weather the effects of the global economic recession. Indeed if Zimbabwe was under economic sanctions from the West, they would have easily not released the money to Zimbabwe but the IMF operates on the bases of principles and not principals.

This gesture totally exposed ZANU PF lies about sanctions. For the real truths why Zimbabwe was and is not getting money through the General Purpose Fund and other funds of the IMF is simply that it is in serious arrears with the IMF.Although Gono paid 120 million in 2004, Zimbabwe still owes the IMF 138 million dollars. Surely to expect a country which borrowed such huge amounts of money which lined the pockets of Mugabe and his cohorts to continue to receive more money from the General Purpose Fund is serious daydreaming. The IMF is totally right that they can not continue throwing money into a bottomless pit hence their refusal to further lend Zimbabwe money which Mugabe and Moyo manipulate to call sanctions

It is in this vein that Moyo’s scathing attaches on Finance Minister Biti who has come up with an innovative strategy to liquidate Zimbabwe debt via the Heavily Indebted Poor country (HIPC) is frivolous as it is asinine.

Moyo claimed that , “The first and most alarming development is that the Minister of Finance Tendai Biti has since the formation of the Coalition Government some seven months ago been surreptitiously working with Western donors that have imposed illegal economic sanctions against Zimbabwe to use the African Development Bank (AfDB) to fund a sell-out process through which the Coalition Government would be tricked into permanently humiliating Zimbabwe by having it declare itself to be a “Heavily Indebted Poor Country (HIPC) in order to enable the US and Britain to takeover the running of the country using the IMF as their control-instrument of choice”

Whilst Zimbabweans may forgive Moyo given that his knowledge of economics is between little and nothing, such a statement, clearly authored by his sidekick Gideon Gono who confuses his brand of totally discredited Gonomics for Economics, shows that Moyo must just shut up since he is not only a danger to the GNU but also to himself because of too little knowledge of basic economics

Jonathan Moyo is trying to deny the absolute fact that Zimbabwe is a highly indebted country and technically bankrupt. For the avoidance of doubt, Zimbabwe has a debt overhang US$5,7 billion of which US$5,2 billion is external debt and US$413 million domestic debt .Moyo need not go any further if he is in doubt since he can confirm this to the high priest of the Tsholotsho reincarnation parallel government, Gideon Gono

Surely, even an average Grade 1 pupil at Huyaimose Primary School will tell you that if a country can generate and run a budget of only 1 billion a year and that country has debts amounting to 5.2 billion dollars, then for all intents and purposes, that country is highly indebted, finish and klaar.

Therefore the logical way for such a country to create economic breathing space is to apply for the Highly Indebted Poor Country scheme so that its debts are cancelled if it meets the criteria. To make this a crime as Jonathan Moyo tries to do only help in exposing him as an individual who wants the economic crisis to continue so that come election time, ZANU PF can then claim that even the MDC also failed to resuscitate the economy and then launch a propaganda crescendo of sanitizing the sanctions mantra as the problem of the Zimbabwean economy, not gross perpetual incompetence of the ZANU PF sycophants in government. Countries like Malawi for example applied and benefited from the HIPC and the results are there for all to see with Malawi producing consecutive bumper harvests which Zimbabwe can only envy. Does Jonathan Moyo mean that because Malawi benefited from the HIPN, then its government was taken over by the IMF?

Moyo also attacks NGOs accusing them of not pumping money into development as opposed to humanitarian activities. This is surely pathetic. It’s like you have a patient living in a shack on the verge of collapse because of hunger, what will a Good Samaritan do, provide food or build that person a house? This is common logic that does not even need debate

Surely had it not been for food aid and cholera aid from the same humanitarian assistance by the same NGOs which Moyo attacks, would there still be a single individual standing in arid and drought Tsholotsho North which Moyo is an MP? Would it have made any sense for NGOs to build bridges and roads instead of providing food, seed and fertilizer?

Thus this exposes the actual reason why Moyo is frothing over the mouth to have donor money for the so-called development projects because it’s now a culture in ZANU PF that the money is looted under dirty and dubious tendering procedures stinking with kickbacks. Take foe example the situation at City Of Harare under the ZANU PF appointed Mahachi Commission which awarded a briefcase company to which Mahachi and ZANU PF bigwigs are the shareholders to build the Joshua Nkomo 10 km airport road for a whopping 80 million whereas the Impala Platinum built a 70 km state of the art road in Ngezi just for 17 million!!!These are the kind of projects Jonathan moyo is crying for so that the ZANU PF bigwigs can line their pockets through hard looting

All in all it is very clear that there is no Parallel government at the Prime Minister’s office which is preparing to illegally take over the government. If anything, the real and only parallel government is the Tsholotsho mafia fronted government whose godfather is well-known in Zimbabwe which is now fronted by Jonathan Moyo, Patrick Chinamasa, Gideon Gono, the JOC, and AG Tomana who by the way is a grossly incompetent lawyer who only rose to prominence after being appointed by Moyo to represent him since the AG’s office then under Gula-Ndebele had refused to suck Moyo’s ass is his war of attrition against the independent media in Zimbabwe

Thus its just alarmist for Moyo to claim that the MDC is on the verge of taking over the government when it is clear to everyone that Mugabe and the Moyo fronted parallel illegal dirty government is fully in charge ruining the country. It’s this illegal parallel government that is invading farms, looting diamonds in Marange, poaching endangered species like rhinos, specifying private companies like Meikles and promoting hate speech in the public media that is fully in control of the government but for the reason of destroying and not re-building Zimbabwe.

Garikai Chimuka is the senior Political Analyst at GMRI Capital