Zim Doctor found guilty of having sex with patient


    The woman had gone to see Dr Ebhraim Dafi about the fact that she suffered from a loss of libido since she was aged 13.

    Yesterday the Health Professions Council of South Africa handed Dafi a six-month suspension which was suspended. He was found guilty of unprofessional conduct for having had sexual intercourse with the patient in 2005.

    Dafi, who is chief medical officer in the paediatrics department at Rob Ferreira Hospital in Nelspruit, was warned that if he was to be found guilty of a similar offence within the next two years, the suspension would come into effect.

    The disciplinary committee, chaired by Dr PJ Barnard, yesterday heard how in 2005 Dafi and the female patient, Phumzile Constance Lukhele, had sex in the Embhuleni Hospital, Mpumalanga, where Dafi was in charge of child health.

    Dafi, originally from Zimbabwe, occasionally assisted in the out-patient department owing to to a lack of doctors.

    On November 22, 2005, the hospital had a shortage of doctors and Dafi, 45, went to assist.

    The married father of four was working in a consulting room with adjoining examination rooms when Lukhele came in with a referral note from a nearby clinic.

    He examined her and she made advances to him, so, after having seen his other patients, the two had sex. The patient was known to Dafi, as they had previously been sexually involved.

    Barnard said the committee had taken into account the fact that Dafi was a first time offender, that he and Lukhele had been in a personal relationship before the incident and that Dafi did not play the leading role in the sexual encounter.

    After the judgment, Dafi said he had learnt from his mistake.

    "It was a stupid thing to have done. I have embarrassed myself and my wife. But I have apologised for it," Dafi said, adding that the disciplinary hearing had put him and his family through a very hard time.

    Dafi’s attorney, Petre Marx, said he was not "unhappy" with the ruling. IOL