There Will Be No Rest Until Zimbabweans Have Peace – Tsvangirai

A statement posted on his website on Wednesday to mark one year anniversary of the signing of the Global Political Agreement (GPA) quoted Tsvangirai saying: "We want people to live peacefully.

We want them to have more freedoms. We want prosperity among our people. We want them to restart their lives and improve their lives and we will not rest until this is achieved."

"The GPA is not just a piece of paper," he said. "The people of Zimbabwe must actually own the agreement. They must understand how that agreement impacts on their lives. It’s not just a leadership issue. It is for the people. It must be owned by Zimbabweans."

"We have reduced tension across the political divide. There was a sense of hope to the people when we opened schools and hospitals that had closed down. We have started attracting international investment to the country and creating more business opportunities.

The confidence of our business community has grown. Generally, it is more of a situation where we provided hope where there was despair."

Tsvangirai said the ride has not been easy, saying: "But it would appear our opponents or our colleagues who are in ZANU PF, have not embarked on a paradigm shift. You still have the emphasis of apportioning blame on the MDC (Movement for Democratic Change).

There is emphasis of apportioning success on ZANU PF by the State media. The hate language in the State media is incessant. I will give you an example of today’s (Tuesday) Herald. It has five negative articles on MDC and you would think that we are running a parallel government."

"The Public Service Commission has not demonstrated the new dispensation. Some of my staff has not been appointed. My security details have not been incorporated or integrated into the structure of the Government although they will continue working.

The constitutional process seems to be struggling to take off. The National Healing programme seems to be up there and not having an impact on the people. So while we have committed from our side of the bargain, I think ZANU PF is far from that."

Mugabe is due to give progress of the GPA at a rare briefing with editors from both state-owned and private press at State House on Thursday.

Mugabe has blamed MDC for failing to persuade the West to end its sanctions on Zimbabwe, which he said, are the main cause of Zimbabwe’s current economic and political suffering.

The GPA was brokered by the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) through Thabo Mbeki, the former South African president and was signed on September 15, 2008.

However progress has been slowed down due to disagreements in the implementation of the agreement. Most western countries have refused to fully committ themselves financially to the inclusive government, demanding first an improvement in the implementation of the GPA and an end to human rights abuses.