"The speech to the ZANU (PF) youth may provide fuel for further politically motivated violence and disturbances on commercial farms at a time when peace and stability are required to ensure confidence and increased agricultural production in the current summer cropping season," CFU President Deon Theron said in a statement.

CFU said the statements by Mugabe are  "contrary" to the spirit of the Global Political Agreement signed by Mugabe his one-time rival Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

Mugabe at the conference attacked western powers saying these ‘bloody whites’ who want to poke their nose in our business ‘should leave us alone.’

Mugabe warned farmers who resist to move from farms that have been allocated to new farmers saying ‘I will just send the police to drive them away.’

However, the CFU says they have been complying with the government led land reform programme but their members are being discriminated in getting land to farm.

"The CFU would like to place on record that farmers have complied with the criteria set out by the Ministry of Lands, Land Reform and resettlement in that applications have been made to continue farming and occupation of their farms. To date,regrettably, Government has not responded to the numerous applications which were made," Theron said.

Although, Mugabe reiterated that white farmers who were booted out of their properties as a result of the controversial land reform programme which started in 2000 to date were to be compensated CFU said the majority of their members are yet to be paid.

"We request that those of our members and former members, who may so desire, be adequately and fairly compensated for their improvements, equipment and materials without delay and without prejudice to any other claims they may have against the state," the CFU said.

"It is regrettable that the vast majority of our members and former members,  the majority of whom were driven off their farms over the past 10 years, have not received any form of compensation."

Zimbabwe land reform has been condemned by western countries as several white farmers were killed by Mugabe’s militants and replaced by inexperienced farmers.

Zimbabwe has been reduced to a basket case due to the failure by the new farmers to produce enough food to feed the nation and export.