MDC MPs Fed Up

The GPA signed by MDC leaders Morgan Tsvangirai and Authur Mutambara as well as ZANU PF’s Robert Mugabe is under threat due to disagreements in implementation.

The provincial party spokesperson and Member of Parliament for Masvingo Urban constituency ,who is also the chairman for Standing Rules and Orders Committee (SROC), Tongai Matutu, told RadioVOP that they had resolved to holding fresh campaigns after discovering that ‘Mugabe is refusing to consider their issues’.

"All MDC-T legislators from Masvingo have met today in a caucus meeting and they agreed to start campaigns from Mwenezi- the district which is popularly known for its dire support for the once ruling party Zanu PF.

“We have nothing to hide here; Mugabe is being notorious by refusing to consider our issues. He has stretched our patients too far; we can not wait while he continues to take us like his children. We are not interested in this game anymore," he said. "Masvingo has lost faith in this animal called GPA, its better we think for another way to fully liberate the people from Mugabe dictatorship. We are preparing people for yet another election because there is no where we can go with Mugabe blocking all developmental initiatives."

“We are starting with Mwenezi tomorrow. We shall talk to villagers in Mwenezi East and all MPs and party provincial executive members will be talking to people. On Wednesday alone we shall have at least nine rallies in Mwenezi. I will promise you that we are not joking, this is a beginning of a new era,” said Matutu.

Speaking on the issue of consulting the public on whether they still want the inclusive government, Matutu said there was no doubt that the people of Masvingo were ‘exhausted’.

“What else can people do to show that they are fed up. We are going to carry a survey but for sure the people here are exhausted. Mugabe has let the whole deal down. We want to see progress but if all the outstanding issues are not being addressed then why should we try to solemnise this marriage. Masvingo is prepared to walk out.”

Meanwhile a Minister responsible for National Healing under the Mutambara led MDC, Gibson Sibanda, said he had since learnt  that Zanu PF and Mugabe never honoured agreements.

Speaking at a one-day workshop on national reconciliation workshop held in Masvingo, Sibanda said: “PF ZAPU and ZANU established a unity government after the violence that erupted in Matebeleland, to be known as the Gukurahundi massacres. Many people lost their lives, and I lost several relatives. The two parties merged to form one party-ZANU PF. But Mugabe failed to honour the agreement, leading to the swallowing of PF ZAPU."

“Then came the MDC, and again that violence started. All this time there was violence, injury and loss of life. Since 2000, all the elections were marred by bloodshed. And now Mugabe appears as if he made a compromise, but again he is defaulting,” said Sibanda. Radio VOP