Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and Mutasa had a word in the corridors of power

Mutasa : Mamuka sei shefu?

Tsvangy : Hesi Mutasa ndamuka wamukaseivo iwe?

Mutasa: Regai ndikubatirei briefcase renyu Save, mungaremerwa

Tsvangy: Nice of you, thanks.

Mutasa: Boss i must admit iam humbled and impressed with the way things are going. The economy is back on track and i mean literally back on track!! The problem is Mugabe had become too old to discharge his duties. I always knew you would do a splendid job but yu know what we all lacked the guts to say so .

Tsvangy: Thnx for the compliment, Mutasa. Do yu mind if I ask you a question?

Mutasa: Sure no problem?

Tsvangy: Did you honestly believe you would extract pure diesel from the Chinhoyi rock?

Mutasa : No… no, honestly no, Gushungo ndivo vangavapererwa vakanditi i should pursue the phenomenon energetically. I never never thought diesel could ooze out of a mere rock. Its unfortunate i was just playing front- i was a mere pawn in a bigger game of chase. Trust me boss i wouldnt, not in the slightest believe such a story.

Tsvangy : Why do i find that hard to believe? Remember you admitted that such beliefs were consistent with beliefs held during the liberation war where Svikiros would be leading the masses.

Mutasa: That was damage minimization boss, nothing more nothing less.
Mutasa hands over the briefcase to Tsvangirai at which point Matonga appears and hands out a copy of the herald to the Prime Minister. Headline: IMF pours US$10Bn by Ceaser Zvayi.

: Morning Boss

Tsvangy : Ah Bright morning to you too. Looks like we have good news here? 

Matonga : Absolutely Boss, there is not even an iota of doubt that your policies are coming to bear fruits, look US$10bn for development!

Tsvangy : We thank God and hope he continues to bless this land. And Bright by the way where is Mdhara?

Matonga :Umm Mdhara he called in sick.

Tsvangy : Really? I hope he is all right, i will drop by in the afternoon to see him. And Bright, before I forget please tell Authur, Welshman and John Nkomo to come to my office right away there is urgent business to attend to.

Matonga: Yes boss consider done. But boss if i tell you i would like to join MDC what would be your reaction?

Tsvangy: Look Bright we are not talking party politics here, but of course you can have a chat with Nelson. He is the best man to talk to. But anyway, out of curiosity what about ZANU?

Bright: Oh boss spare me that; who doesn’t know that this party is a sinking titanic?

Tsvangy: With all due respect Bright, i think this is the right time to revive the party, inject vigor and revamp the party. I have never hid my admiration of ZANU PF when it comes to its exploits and role during the liberation war that brought independence to this land that we are all proud of this day. Yes they erred along the way but guess what their existence is good for our democracy. We need checks and balances if we are to stay on course. So my challenge to you is simply: revamp the party image, don’t desert it!

I said the same words to Welshman and Job Sikhala the other day when they offerd to rejoin the party.

Bright: Will give it a second thought boss but MDC is irresistible. Why should i expend my energy on revamping a party when i can simply join an already revamped one?

Tsvangy: Well ultimately Bright the decision is entirely yours but hey… food for thought. And now if you can call those boys pliz.

Bright: Sure, thanks boss!
Bright dashes off and Chinoz and Chihuri could be seen saluting in the corridors.
What a dream!

Clearly somebody must be idle!