‘Keep sanctions until Mugabe dies’- Sikhala

‘Only when he is buried in Kutama or at their own shrine (Heroes Acre) can the western world consider removing sanctions against him,’ said Sikhala, who claimed to have taken over the leadership of the MDC formation led by Arthur Mutambara.

‘Mugabe must die isolated if he doesn’t want to reform. People can reform – even the evil satan had the capacity to reform. So the ball is in Mugabe’s court, if he fails to change he must be ostracized until his very last day on this universe,’ Sikhala added.

Asked to comment on the SADC summit resolution that called on the international community to lift targeted sanctions against Mugabe and his cronies, Sikhala retorted; ‘There are no sanctions against Zimbabwe. The issue is that Mugabe has been denied access to civilized communities and I hope they will still deny him that opportunity until he has totally reformed himself.’

Speaking to SW Radio Africa, the former St Mary’s MDC MP said he was saddened by SADC’s decision to throw its support behind Mugabe, instead of the suffering of millions of Zimbabweans.

He said the rejection of the removal of sanctions by the European Union was further evidence that regional leaders may have miscalculated the global political thinking on human rights violators.

‘It is clear that SADC has always been in support of Mugabe and his ZANU PF. It’s really saddening that they only accepted issues raised by Mugabe at the meeting. We’ve been betrayed by these leaders in the region and continent who see no evil and speak no evil about each other,’ Sikhala said.

The outspoken former University of Zimbabwe student leader said the trend by African leaders to protect each other has caused underdevelopment in the region and on the whole continent.

He added; ‘As long as the SADC leaders don’t think outside the box, Zimbabwe will remain oppressed and never be able to achieve full democracy.’

‘We’ve been throttled, abused, tortured and killed and these leaders still want to pamper Mugabe’s ambition to die in power. I find it strange that they don’t see anything wrong with Mugabe at all.’