Popularity of Gambling in Zimbabwe

Being such a favourite pastime from across the world, the fact that gambling is hugely popular in Zimbabwe shouldn’t be a shock. There is a population of 13 million people in the country and boasts one of the highest adult literacy rates of all the African nations with 16 official languages recognised in the country.

South Africa has restricted the use of gambling, so it surprises many when they learn that Zimbabwe is so open with their gambling laws. This is mainly down to the money that comes into the country via this sector; there are various horse racing tracks and casinos all around the country, and the government is happy with the situation as they make money through these establishments.

Ways to gamble

Unlike many states in the USA, it is legal for everybody to gamble in Zimbabwe. In fact, it is a rapidly growing market, and due to the lack of opportunities that some natives have, they use gambling as a long-shot way in which to make income. The most popular form of betting is through horse racing and casinos. While online betting companies such as NoviBet remain hugely popular within the country, the most popular way to bet is in betting shops.

Along with this, there is a state-run lottery which is popular among punters. However, due to the lack of internet and wifi country, there is a lower rate of online gamblers in the country. However, this is growing year-on-year. The increased standard of the internet has allowed for online gaming to become more popular.

Laws about online gaming

The law is cloudy when it comes to what is allowed and what isn’t in the country. There isn’t a law that outlaws the practice of online gambling, but there also isn’t a ruling that allows it either. This is something that the Lottery and Gambling Board of Zimbabwe– the country that regulates betting in the country- are exploring.

They are looking to legalise online gaming fully, and therefore avoiding any confusion that remains. While it isn’t legal or illegal to place online bets, Zimbabwean’s can sign up for accounts with online bookmakers and place bets freely without the risk of prosecution.

Sports betting in Zimbabwe

Sports gambling is prevalent throughout the world, and is largely thought to go hand-in-hand with watching live events. That is no different when it comes to betting in Zimbabwe. It continues to increase in popularity, and that was only accelerated by the creation of certain Zimbabwean betting companies. These allow locals to bet on a variety of markets such as Premier League fixtures, horse racing, and cricket.

The increased number of establishments shows this. During January 2005 the number of betting shops in the country multiplied by two in just the 31 days of the month.  Sports betting has only become more popular since then.

The future

While online casinos aren’t as popular with Zimbabweans, the popularity of online sports betting offers hope that this could one day change. The fact that no casinos are run by a local operator is the one stumbling block with online casino’s but should that happen it could be a massive turning point. The surge in online sports betting and the popularity of land-based casinos mean that things look likely to change soon and the future brighter for online betting in Zimbabwe.