Britain ready to support land reform – Ambassador

Canning was presenting a paper on understanding British policy towards Africa and Zimbabwe at a diplomatic training course, ZBC News reported on Friday.

During a question and answer session, Canning revealed that his government recognizes the need for equitable distribution of land and is willing to resume support for the program.

As part of the ambassadors-designate training, ambassadors from different countries posted to Zimbabwe are being invited to make presentations and so far ambassadors from Egypt, Palestine, Algeria, Malaysia, Iran among others have been invited.

Portuguese Ambassador to Zimbabwe Jaoa Dia Camara made a presentation on appreciating EU policy towards Africa and expressed optimism that trade relations between EU, Africa and the east will improve.

Five ambassadors designate and foreign affairs officers are undergoing a two month diplomatic training course to prepare them for the demanding roles they will soon be playing at various stations through out the world.

The training course is designed to equip the prospective ambassadors and foreign service officers with professional and administrative skills for them to be able to effectively articulate and manage the country’s foreign policy when they are eventually posted.