Zanu PF Paper Journos Transferred To Sunday Mail

The weekly stopped publishing in June but the staff at the paper have been receiving allowances of US$150 each time although they were not reporting for work.

This week the Voice started transferring some of the journalists to the Sunday Mail. The paper’s Editor Lovemore Chikova has been moved to the Sunday Mail Features desk.

Some of the journalist are expected to be moved to H-metro, a new tabloid that was launched by Zimpapers last week and which will hit the streets on Monday.

Journalists at the paper this week said they are unsure of their future after management could not indicate when the weekly paper would be back on the streets.

Zanu PF Secretary for Information and Publicity, Nathan Shamuyarira refused to comment on the closure of The Voice and said it was a party issue and would be dealt with by the party and not by outsiders.

The Voice has been  on and off the streets since last year although insiders at Zanu PF hinted that the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) might take over the mouthpiece.

Jongwe Printers, the publishers of The Voice, are on the verge of collapse after money meant for recapitalisation was allegedly used by Zanu PF heavyweights.

Two years ago, Jongwe spent a Z$10.5 billion RBZ loan for a printing press on an unsuitable machine that can only print exercise books.

Recently the publishing house had its property attached by the Messenger of the Court to settle outstanding debts owed to a number of service providers.

The Voice, formerly The People’s Voice, has been Zanu PF’s internal newspaper for almost twenty years.

Over the years, the paper has dramatically lost revenue. Its circulation dropped from 15 000 at its peak to less than 2 000 per week. RadioVOP