Constitution drafting process not suspended – Mangwana


    Mangwana confirmed that the committee is proceeding with the constitution making process although there are concerns over lack of seriousness on the part of the authorities who are not availing the necessary resources to enable the committee to carry out its duties efficiently.

    "We met last week with the Clerk of Parliament Ian Zvoma and discussed financial issues relating to our work. We do not have any secretariat or offices and we are now using our personal resources to carry out national duty," noted Mangwana.

    The other Co-chairman Mr. Douglas Mwonzora had reiterated that the committee is still working but lamented the non-availability of resources.

    He said for the constitution drafting process to be successful, at least 860 people need to be deployed across the country to gather information.

    "In order to deploy our teams we must ensure that they have all the necessary requirements including first aid kits. How are we expected to carry out the duty when we have just received US$1,1 million yet we require US$4,2 million for the draft process," noted Mwonzora.

    The two co-chairpersons concurred that the committee is not resourced properly.

    They said they do not have offices and have since resorted to using their personal resources including their stationery, secretaries and even phones since the process requires extensive communication with the civic society.

    Zimbabwe’s three main political parties which signed the Global Political Agreement, committed themselves to use the Kariba Draft as a reference point for drafting a new constitution.