Two Zimbabwean women faces deportation to Malawi


    The two Zimbabwean nationals, Nelly Samu and Bridget Mhepo are awaiting deportation to Malawi and Germany.

    Samu arrived in the British ports on a Malawian passport and the Home Office insist that she is a bona fide Malawian nationality, yet she has never lived in that country.

    Samu was scheduled to have been deported on 29 August 2009. The cause of the deportation delay was her severe condition of epilepsy. Since being detained she has had several epilepsy attack.

    The other scheduled deportee, Mhepo arrived in Britain from Germany. After paying a number of people to assist her skip the country, she was sent to Germany only to discover that her host there was was a strong member of Zanu PF.

    According Ms Mutasa who is championing the campaign: "After a series of threats, she chose to escape to the UK. She was initially let into the country and went to live in Manchester. After a few days officials came for her and she was moved to Yarlswood Detention Centre".

    Ms Mutasa said there were four other Zimbabwean women being held at the detention centre.

    "We are also aware that there are more others who are just silent being deported back to Zimbabwe everyday. As Bristol Youth we have chosen to take on this campaign which is also one of the founding principles of the MDC Bristol Branch. When the branch was formed, it was agreed that people’s welfare was at the top of their agenda hence we are doing this," she said.

    "Zimbabwe is not yet safe for anyone to be returned, there is no guarantee that these women will not face persecution or prosecution wherever they are being returned to," she added.

    She also said the branch has managed to contact the two women who indicated that they desperately needed help from the party’s UK province.

    "We managed to get legal representation for the two women and have made contact with the Women’s respective MPs. They have also engaged several anti-deportation campaign groups who are now appealing for Nelly and Bridget’s release," said Ms Mutasa. ZimDiaspora