Chief Flees Village

According to villagers in Hurungwe’s Chidamoyo area, Chief Dandawa allowed traditional healer known as Tsikamutanda or Dhumba in the area to cleanse the villages of witchcraft last month.

”Chief Dandawa gave Tsikamutanda the green-light to operate in his area and all village headmen were summoned and told to accept the cleansing visits." Villagers accused of witchcraft were forced to pay fines of maize-meal, chicken, goats, sheep as well as cattle.

However it turned out that events backfired for the chief when his close relatives were ”caught” to be witches.

A former member of parliament representing chiefs in Mashonaland West, Chief Dandawa, failed to assist in moving a motion in parliament to repeal Zimbabwe’s law of Suppression of Witchcraft Act that does not recognise witchcraft.

It is a crime in Zimbabwe to accuse anyone of practising witchcraft.