Zimbabwe army and police officers to be circumcised

Emmerson "Ngwena" Mnangagwa, minister of defence, said the country’s armed forces should seriously consider the procedure, as another way to stop the ever-increasing spread of the virus.

The minister’s speech about circumcision and HIV/Aids was read on his behalf to army and police officers at a seminar in Nyanga.

"I want to plead with all our senior officers in our uniformed forces to seriously consider the matter of male circumcision," stated Mnangagwa’s speech.

Doctors and nurses were apparently already being specially trained to provide the "full package" to the men in uniform, said the minister.

According to Mnangagwa, great success was achieved with similar intervention at the department of health, where it was found that infection rates of HIV/Aids dropped by up to 60% among circumcised men.