Lack of IDs fuels child trafficking: ZHRC


The Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) has warned that lack of national identification documents was exposing children to cross-border trafficking.

“The lack of documentation is a risk for children and humans can be smuggled out of the country which can also lead to the failure to identify them,” ZHCR deputy chairperson Ellen Sithole said during the stakeholder consultative meeting on the National Inquiry on Access to Documentation in Zimbabwe held in Bulawayo last week.

The commission is conducting nationwide workshops and gathering information on challenges faced by citizens in accessing civil documents.

“The recommendations will be put in a report and be given to the ministries responsible such as the Ministry of Home Affairs and Parliament since there might be some legislative policies acting as obstacles for people to obtain the documents and the Registrar’s Office,” Sithole said.

Participants said challenges they faced in acquiring national identification documents include high travelling expenses amid calls for decentralisation of the RG’s office for easy access, particularly on birth certificates and national identity documents registration.