ZANU PF militias paid as teachers

The youths , who spearheaded ZANU-PF gross human rights violations in the June 2009 presidential election run off between President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai are receiving monthly salaries as a token of appreciation for keeping the octogenarian leader in power. They are paid salaries equivalent to teachers and nurses.

During the bloody presidential elections, there were widespread reports of members of the opposition MDC being decapitated their limbs, torture, disappearances including being burnt to death. Amnesty International condemned the militias’ acts which was immediately upgraded to serious crimes against humanity prosecutable in The Hague.

The Zim Diaspora investigative reporter tracked down the youths and bravely put across questions as to how they ended up in a government payroll when they were not civil servants, the youths said it was necessary for them to paid because they were guarding against attempts by the West to recolonise Zimbabwe.

Recolonise – has been President Mugabe’s buzz word to brainwash the country’s youth and preach hatred against white Zimbabweans including those who call for the president’s ousting. In Zimbabwe, a call to outvote President Mugabe is easily mistaken for treason.

So far, the youths tracked down in Nyanga, eastern Zimbabwe by this reporter identified themselves as Christopher Chinhimbiti (33) Emilia Mukonomushava (21) Dorothy Chiro (23) Emmanuel Saunyama (36) Ali Mutigwa (28) and Moses Gutu (35).

They have been deployed by ZANU-PF in Nyanga South constituency whose MP is Mr William Chimbetete of MDC-T faction.

"Yes many of us here receive pay. We earn the same as teachers and other civil servants. We are co-ordinators in our respective districts so we are paid for that. After all, Zanu pf is still ruling, there is nothing like the unity government. That only exists on paper" said Chinhimbiti holding a pint of castle lager.

Another youth also said they were pleased to sacrifice their lives in support of President Mugabe saying the payments were necessary to boost their morals.

Asked about the alleged torture and gross human rights violations the youths has committed in the country, one youth said: "At times it is necessary to be forceful in order to restore law and order."

It also emerged that ZANU-PF was already planning ahead of the next general elections by deploying youths in every district offices of the country.

These youths knows as district co-ordinators are usually above the law as they cannot be arrested for committing crimes in their places of deployment. It has also emerged that the government is also rewarding the callous youths who caused a lot of suffering among opposition voters with vouchers.

The minister in charge Mrs Paurina Gwanyanya Mpariwa could not be reached for comment at the time of going on Press.

However, the issue has created tension among civil servants who are underpaid by the government yet paying the militias.

"We know many many ZANU-PF youths who are receiving same salaries like me a qualified teacher. It will be better for us to stop going to work so that the government realise how important we are than to rate us in the same bracket with militias" said Mr Simon Katerere a teacher at Mazarura Secondary in Nyanga. ZimDiaspora