Job Sikhala Expelled From Mutambara's MDC


    The smaller faction of the MDC announced Sikhala expulsion in a statement to the media on Tuesday.

    Lyson Mlambo, the chairman of the MDC-M ‘s National Disciplinary Committee, said the decision to fire “errant” Sikhala arrived on the 30 of August 2009.

    He was fired together with another National Executive members Edwin Dzambara.

    “While the two did not turn up for the hearing, the Committee proceeded to consider their cases separately, based on the available evidence and found the two guilty of the charges outlined in the letters sent to them on 19 August 2009,” said Mlambo. “Consequently, the National Disciplinary Committee, having fully considered the evidence at its disposal, decided that the two be expelled from the Party with immediate,” he said.

    Sikhala has claimed in several press conferences and interviews that he has ousted Mutambara as the president of the MDC M. He recently paraded a team of obscure politicians he said were now at the helm of the faction. He was not immediately available for comment on Tuesday.

    The party has since fired three MPs from the party for indiscipline. These are Nkayi South, Lupane East and Bulilima East Mps who are Abednico Bhebhe, Njabuliso Mguni and Normal Mpofu.

    MDC-M’s notified the Speaker that the MPs had been expelled from the party and no longer represented its interests.The MPs have announced their intention to appeal to the Supreme Court against the High Court’s dismissal of an urgent application to stop the speaker from declaring their seats vacant.


    Sikhala said the three MPs were innocent.