New Political Party For Zimbabwe


    Mbudzi and Mandaza who had a fall-out with Mavambo President, Dr Simba Makoni, decided to go their own way after they lost a legal battle against their former boss, whom they accused of looting party asserts they got from donors.

    The two together with other disgruntled members from the country’s 10 provinces are waiting to launch their party soon which they said would challenge Zanu PF, MDC and their former boss’ party in the next elections.

    ZNC interim national co-ordinator who also held the same position in Mavambo project, Rtd Major Mbudzi told VOP that they were on their final stages of forming the party which will use a star with national flag colours and a rising sun as its symbol.

    " We are now making some final touches in organising our membership form all the province before we launch our party and announce our first congress. We decided to go our on way after we were duped by Makoni who privatised all party asserts after losing last year’s election," said Mbudzi.

    He said the new party will be led party young Zimbabwean politicians with the help of veterans like Dr Mandaza but declined to shed light on who will be the president of the new party.

    "We will be working with young turks as well as veterans and we tell you this is the end of Mavambo because we got all the following, actually all the provincial; structures are with us and we are ready to move," he said.

    Mbudzi however declined to she d more light on when they will launch the party as well as mentioning othgetrr notable figures he said will spring surprises as they would defect from the country’s major parties, the MDC nad Zanu PF.

    Makoni, a former Zanu PF member and minister, won a distant third in the March 2008 Presidential elections.