The rally was held at Kapotesa Secondary in Mudzi, Mashonaland East and Sikhala, who was accompanied by several members of the MDC-M’s National Executive Committee, said that he was declaring war on three principals of the all-inclusive government – President Mugabe (ZANU PF), Morgan Tsvangirai (MDC-T) and Arthur Mutambara, who leads the same party that Sikhala claims to have taken over.


The maverick politician said that it was unbelievable that Tsvangirai, the founding President of the MDC, had joined ranks with Mugabe, a murderer who had killed several of his political opponents, including some MDC officials and activists.


"I was surprised to see Tsvangirai agreeing to join Mugabe, whom we all know is a murderer,” said Sikhala.

“He killed Learnmore Jongwe (first MDC spokesman), he killed Gift Tandare and he killed many people in Matabeleland. What does the Unity government do? It gives him three titles, head of state, head of government and Commander in Chief the army."


He also stated that the killings would not end, as ZANU (PF) had seemingly endorsed the octogenarian leader as their leader for life.


"They want him to die in power because he is a revolutionary in a killing revolution, a raping revolution and a starvation revolution?


“We say no to that. That is the reason why we have come here to find our bearings so that we achieve total and absolute change.


“I declare war on Mugabe, Tsvangirai and Mutambara today because together they are looting. We have information that they have breakfast, lunch and supper at State House together where they share some proceeds while you poor people are scavenging. We will end that. That is why my posters are written ‘The war is not yet over’, we will continue fighting.”


Sikhala said that contrary to what the principals of the all-inclusive government were saying to the populace, nothing had changed in Zimbabwe since February 15, when the unity government was constituted.

“Violence is still the order of the day,” he said.


“The security forces are still partisan. There are no reforms. The only reform is that we now have more ministers than before."


Sikhala, who suggested of a post-Mutambara MDC re-union, accused the latter of being an agent of ZANU (PF).

"I told Tsvangirai that I want to get rid of this appointee called Mutambara and then see where the MDC is going,” he added.


“Mutambara is an agent of ZANU (PF) and he is there to advance Mugabe’s stranglehold on power."


Meanwhile, another rally, also organised by Sikhala, failed to take place at Mutoko stadium, where war veterans and members of the ZANU (PF) youth militia chased the MDC leaders for more than 80km from Kotwa using ZANU (PF) and state vehicles.


The militia, which was being led by George Katsande – son of Aquilinnah Katsande, the ZANU (PF) legislator for Mudzi West and using a ZANU PF women’s League Vehicle with registration number ABE 6390, beat and kidnapped the organisers of the rally and MDC ward members, Felix Moffat and Munyaradzi Ndowa, who were released a few hours later.


They told the MDC supporters that the unity government only existed in Harare, and that Mutoko would remain a ZANU (PF) home, in which no other party would be allowed to trespass.


Members of the state security agents in Mudzi, led by their Mashonaland East Director, Aaron Kamhapa also threatened to deal with villagers who continue to support the MDC and sent threatening text messages to Sikhala, saying they would kill him if he went ahead with the rally in Mutoko. ZimDiaspora