Zimbabwean woman in court for illegal abortion

The woman, a Zimbabwean national, appeared in the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court on Monday, after she was arrested over the weekend, Captain Bhekizizwe Mavundla said.

She was one of 69 people arrested for various crimes during the Hillbrow police precinct’s crime prevention operation to find wanted suspects.

The woman was linked to the dead infant after her Sedgefield Court neighbours in Joubert Park saw her allegedly use medication to abort her six-month-old infant in 2005.

She allegedly gave birth to a baby boy, who was born alive on July 28, 2005 and she allegedly dumped him in a nearby rubbish bin before she fled.

Neighbours found the infant in a bin and called the police. The baby later died.

The other 68 people were also in the Johannesburg and Hillbrow magistrate’s courts on Monday. They were charged with crimes ranging from possession of unlicensed firearms, assault, robbery and fraud to dagga possession and contravening the Liquor Act.