Russia celebrates Diplomats’ Day

Every year on February 10 Russia celebrates Diplomats’ Day – a professional holiday for those who have devoted their lives to the Russian diplomatic service. The holiday was set up in October 2002 by the decree of the Russian President V. Putin, with the date being chosen for historical reasons: on February 10, 1549 the Russian Tsar Ivan IV founded Posolsky Prikaz (Ambassadorial Department), which became the first prototype of the Russian Foreign Affairs Agency.

The establishment of a particular date to honour diplomats indicates a high level of appreciation for the diplomatic métier in Russia. Centuries-old traditions and high professional standards have always been the hallmarks of the Russian diplomatic service.

Its representatives choose their occupation by vocation, expressing full commitment to their motherland. Their contribution to upholding national interests and strengthening the position of the country on the international arena cannot be underestimated.

Given the global outreach of the Russian diplomacy, this holiday is celebrated all around the globe. Russian diplomats accredited in 146 countries use this special occasion not only to congratulate one another, but to enlighten the public in their host countries on the guiding principles and key objectives of the Russian diplomacy.

One of the main tasks of the Russian foreign policy is to create peaceful and stable environment to assure progressive social and economic development. That is why Russia has been leading an uphill struggle to combat international terrorism and establish peace in the most despondent regions of the world. It is worth mentioning, that these efforts are made strictly within the framework of international law and at the instance of the countries craving for help.

At the same time, Russian government provides civil population in these areas with humanitarian aid and helps facilitate the return of war refugees to their homes.

Recurring to the subject of international law, Russia despises all efforts to apply the politics of double standards and undermine the basis of international law order. The Russian government constantly reaffirms its commitment to the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, which constitutes the main pillar of the current system of international relations.

As a permanent member of the UN Security Council the Russian Federation fully assumes its responsibilities in assuring peace and security around the globe.

Russia has been a consistent advocate of a multicentric world – the world where no unique power can dictate rules to other nations and sway their destinies.

In this world every state would have the indefeasible right to choose their own political and economic course of development and carry out independent foreign policy. That is why the Russian government prefers a pragmatic, non-biased approach to the process of forging diplomatic ties, which benefits all the parties equally.

Eager to display integrity and treat every nation with due respect, Russia implements the aforementioned principles and approaches in the process of developing benevolent and mutually beneficial relationship with the Republic of Zimbabwe.

The visit of the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to the Republic of Zimbabwe in March 2018 and the official state visit of the Zimbabwean President H.E. E.D. Mnangagwa to the Russian Federation in January 2019 have further cemented traditionally warm and friendly relations existing between the two nations. These visits have broadened the horizons of their cooperation, intensified the existing political dialogue, and laid the foundation for projects in the domains of mining, agriculture and industry.

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