Soldiers Beat Resident For Playing Anti-Mugabe Ringing Tune

The soldiers, in uniform,  beat the man at Warren Park D’s Kwamereki public drinking spot after his mobile rang. They beat him using open hands and kicking him with feet, before crushing his phone.

As they were beating him, they were saying to the man: "Why are you scolding our commander-in-chief. Mugabe is the head of state and government, and is working well with your party, why are you scolding him?

We want to teach you a lesson that our commander-in-chief should not be denounced in our presence."

The man was  rescued by an angry mob at the drinking spot, who threatened to beat up the soldiers. The soldiers fled the scene.

The brutalised man refused to report the case to Warren Park police station for fear of futher terror.

The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has complained that members of the defence forces should not be partisan, but rather they should be professional and serve no political party interests.