Retailers fight and customers get the cheer


    The emergence of TM and OK on the advertising scene signals the beginning of a bloodbath as prices start racing downwards

    OK Zimbabwe is spicing up its campaign with a bit of French. Its spring special within the Bon Marché supermarket chain, which got underway soon after group CEO, Willard Zireva promised to resume advertising due to a stabilisation of margins, has declared “très bon” (very good) prices to its upmarket customers, with the introduction of a Shop Easy card offering further grocery discounts.

    TM Supermarkets, the biggest retail chain in terms of outlets, has hit both the screens and the print with its “TM Supersavers is back” campaign – branded retail goods bearing the TM seal, and some discounts, too.

    But, there are lots of other players in the fray; Afrofoods, an emergent supermarket chain, has launched a “Dreams come true” promotion, in which customers stand to win a vehicle and consolation prizes.

    Jaggers Trading Centre has its “No stopping to shopping” marketing drive, which it describes as a “gigantic special”.