Is it time to go Home…..?


    Do we wait for a while? I have had many many people ask me if it is the right time to come home and rebuild the future in a country where the sun shines, the people are special, and the values are good.

    When will the sun set on the Mugabe regime?

    Having spent months in Johannesburg sitting in traffic, days in London waiting for the sun to shine, weeks in the USA looking for my rainbow, I know that home is where the heart is and home is definitely in Zimbabwe.

    But what to advise other people – people who do not know what it is like to have constant power cuts, irregular water supplies, potholes as long as your arm, and traffic lights that baffle the wits out of you?

    Yesterday we met with a farmer who aches to come home, whose whole raison d’etre is to work towards getting his farm back, towards getting his children back from their enforced exile in strange parts of the world, towards ploughing his land and turning his soil.

    A recent internet site had over 2000 affirmatives when asked the question “Do you want to go home”? And people are coming home too, slowly but surely. Every person I spoke to recently in Johannesburg wants to come home – not right now, but wait a bit, lets see which way the wind blows.

    Petrol attendants, waiters, waitresses, chefs, construction workers, all with a good education, a lot of them ex Prince Edward or Oriole or Gifford or Townsend – we Zimbabweans are all so identifiable whereever you go in South Africa or in the UK, and we are just waiting, biding our time, praying for change.

    The people with children who left are also coming home! “That schooling out there is the pits”, according to some who have retunred. There is none of that excellent school spirit we have in Zimbabwe, discipline is lacking, this having to go to clubs for sports instead of playing sport at school is crazy. “Our academic system knocks spots off anywhere else in the world ” they say rather broadly, but with conviction.

    And so some are starting to dribble back, businesses are starting up again, businesses that were placed in mothballs for a year or so are starting to make a slight profit, or at least to break even.

    Many people are still keeping their forex “under the mattress” but some of the more adventurous are taking full advantage of the new banking systems. Can you believe that interest is being earned in some Zimbabwe banks whereas there is a negative interest rate in many parts of the world.?

    As long as Mugabe and Gono keep their irritating mitts off everything, we might just be able to make a go of it, and of course first prize will be when everyone comes home in droves. The article is courtesy of Sokwanele.