Tsvangirai Calls For An Inclusive Process To Choose Heroes

Zimbabwe commemorated Heroes holiday on Monday in which those who contributed to the war of liberation that brought Zimbabwe’s independence in 1980 are remembered.

"It is important that, on this our nation’s Heroes Day, we recognise the contribution of these unique Zimbabweans who, like our liberation heroes, were guided by a vision of a country whose inhabitants could live and prosper in a free, open and democratic society."

"As a society we have been blessed with the presence of extraordinary individuals from all walks of life, from all races, tribal backgrounds and religions who have put the interest and welfare of their fellow individuals above their own needs.


" …we acknowledge that heroes can arise in all periods of a nation’s  development, in peace and prosperity as well as in times of war.  Just as Zimbabwe today is governed by an inclusive agreement, so the definition of our nations’ heroes must also be inclusive. No one group has the right to dictate to the nation who should be deemed a hero for this undermines the integrity of such an institution."

"It is also on this day that we must consider what it is that makes a hero. Just as a country’s history dictates its substance, so the heroes that that country chooses to recognise dictate the character of the nation," he said.

"Such is the turbulent history of our nation, from its birth out of civil war towards maturity as a democratic state, that many of our heroes rose to prominence in times of conflict and strife. Their sacrifices must be recognised and praised."