Zimbabwean woman offers rapist a condom

The 35-year-old married woman with three children is from Bulawayo’s Magwegwe North surburb and is engaged in cross border trade to irk out a living in Zimbabwe tough economic life.

The woman who cannot be named for legal reasons was travelling with three others when a white South African driving a jeep pulled off the road and offered her a lift outside Musina near Beitbridge.

In a telephone interview last night, the woman, said she was happy that the monster rapist, who spoke in Afrikaans accepted using a condom.

"We were walking along road looking for lifts to Johannesburg and, suddenly a jeep being driven by tall and fat white man pulled off the road. We all ran to the jeep as a usual norm to ask for lift. The man said he can only take one passenger pointing a fingure at me,"

"I then made arrangements with my friends that they should find their own means and we would meet in Johannesburg later in the evening. I got into the jeep and we drove for a while. Suddenly, the man turned off the road and drove into the bush," she said

"When I asked him where he was going he produced a pistol and I could hear him cocking it. I feared for my life thinking he was going to kill me. We drove for about 50 metres into the bush when he suddenly stopped," she said.

The woman said the man jumped out of the pick-up jeep and took out a blanket from the back which he prepared on the grass.

"The moment I saw the blanket I knew what was happening. In fact, it looked like it was the man’s business of raping desperate Zimbabweans crossing into South Africa because the blanket had blood stains in it," she said.

According to the woman who is now recovering from her Magwegwe North home where she is being looked after by her husband, the rapist then ordered her to unaddress and sleep on the blanket with a pistol on her head.

"The man was so agitated, if I had tried to resist or run away or scream, I could have been killed. So I obeyed his orders, but quickly dug into my bag and came out with a condom which I offered to him. He looked at me, and then said whyin a strong Afrikaans accent? I lied to him that I was HIV positive. He then took the condom and put it on before raping me for nearly two hours," she said.

The woman says she believes her attacker was in heavy sexual enhancement drugs as he went on and on without stopping. The only stoppage he had was when he was putting on a second condom.

"For all my life I have never seen a man with such a strong appetite for sex. At some stage, I tried to pretend as if I had collapsed, but he still went on and on. I guess even if I had really collapsed he would have continued raping me. He was heavily sweating all over and I was literally wet as well due to his sweat, but the man was not bothered. When the first condom I had given him turned out to be loose due to over-use, he asked for another one and I simply gave him because I had a packet of condoms," she said.

Asked why she had carried condoms when she had left her husband back in Bulawayo, she said: "It is better to ensure safety when one visits a crime ridden country like South Africa".

She however, said her husband had no knowledge that she carries condoms to South Africa, but said her secret had served her marriage.

"If this stranger had literally raped me without a condom, I’m sure that was going to be the end of my marriage," she said.

The woman said after about two hours of the rape ordeal, the man left abandoned and asked her to find her way to Johannesburg.

"I tried to plead with him to give me a lift as promised, but he simply drove away leaving me in the bush," she said tearfully.

The woman later returned to Beitbridge where she made a police report before being taken to Bulawayo Central Hospital where she was detained for two days. ((ZimDiaspora)