Musician salutes President Mugabe on new album

Desmond Chester Munyengwa

Desmond Chester Munyengwa

Entertainment Reporter
UPCOMING musician, Desmond Chester Munyengwa, also known by his stage name “Cde”, has released a 12-track album titled “Makorokoto, Amhlope, Congratulations Gushungo” which is a tribute to President Robert Mugabe’s achievements.

The album that also has an accompanying DVD carries songs which raise interesting issues. The musician proposes various ways in which various sectors can honour the President.

Among his proposal is for the nation to come up with a Robert Mugabe Day public holiday.

“He (President Mugabe) is the father of nations, and he loves people. He has been there for all of us and in that vein there is need for Robert Mugabe Day to be declared.

“Schools should also be named after him owing to the enormous contribution that he made in developing the country’s education system,” he said.

The artiste is consistent in lauding the President throughout the album especially on songs like “Pasi Nemasanctions”, which takes up the call by President Mugabe in denouncing the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the West.

On “One Love Zimbabwe”, the musician advocates for peace across political, tribal, religious and racial divides while “National Heroine” takes an interesting dimension by commending the President for mentoring the First Lady into the icon that she is today.

Cde also says the next Zimbabwean currency should have the President’s face.

“Face yenyu ngaiiswe pamari, (may your picture be part of features of our currency),” he sings on one song.

In order to hammer his message home, the musician superimposed notes of the original Zimbabwean dollar against images of President Mugabe on the sleeve of his album. The rest of the tracks are just as catchy.

Cde, who also calls himself Commander King Des, had a debut offering “One Love Zimbabwe” (2012), which was later followed up by another release, “In God We Trust” last year.

The artiste has proven his versatility by also diversifying into dancehall music in which he has released songs like “In Memory of Mandela”, “Tapinda Tapinda”, “Summertime”, “Mangoma Tokwapaidza”, “Mwana Achata” and the catchy “Jah Love Seh Calaz One Love” in which he encourages peace between the two artistes.