Chiyangwa faces eviction from farm


    This follows recommendations by the provincial governor Faber Chidarikire to reverse the offer letter issued to Chiyangwa three years ago and give the farm to Chinhoyi municipality for its expansion programme as the farm is within 10 kilometres radius.

    However Chiyangwa is challenging the governor’s authority to take away the farm from him which was given to him through an offer letter issued by the then Lands Resettlement and State Security minister Didymus Mutasa.

    Although Chiyangwa hosted the council finance committee to explain how productive he had used the farm, he was shocked to learn that he owed the council a staggering US$ 100,000 in lease arrears which were said to have accrued in the past two years. Chiyangwa claimed to have paid up all the monies but council said it did not have any records to that effect neither did Chiyangwa have any documentation that he paid for the farm.

    However sources say apart from the farm in question, Chiyangwa was still to pay a single cent to one of biggest business stands he got from the then Zanu PF led council led by Ray Kapesa three years ago.

    He had earmarked it for a state of art hotel for next year’s World Cup and had been advertised on the Internet for nearly six months although the stand was undeveloped. The stand is situated behind Chinhoyi provincial hospital.

    Chinhoyi municipality mayor Claudius Nyamhondoro confirmed that council was concerned about Chiyangwa’s business claims in the town.

    ”Although Chiyangwa maintains that he paid for the properties, there are no records to prove his claims and council will take necessary steps to recover what is owed…It’s unfortunate that he had misled the previous council.”

    Chiyangwa is expanding his business empire to Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo and other Southern African countries.

    Repeated efforts to get his comments were futile as his mobiles were not being answered.