South African body quizzed on arms sells to Robert Mugabe


    Opposition parties say the head of the National Conventional Arms Control Committee Jeff Radebe will be asked to account for arms exports to Libya, North Korea and Zimbabwe.

    The allegations surfaced at the beginning of the month when the Democratic Alliance questioned how South African businesses were allowed to ship arms and ammunition to these countries.

    Radebe insisted the DA’s allegations were false.

    “They are talking about Iran; we have not awarded any contract to Iran, we’ve not been contracting with North Korea for the past five years, so all these allegations by the DA are baseless.”

    The DA’s David Maynier said he did not think legislation was being used to authorise arms deals.

    “How then can we sell glide bombs to Libya, how then can we be considering selling thousands of sniper rifles to Syria, how then can we be considering selling millions of rounds of ammunition to Zimbabwe? What is going on is wrong.”