MDC Follows Up Murder Cases

“We  have more than 200 people who  were  killed last year and some of the  cases were reported while  a few were not, and we  have  since  dispatched  a team to investigate by  way of making follow-ups to  those police  stations and hear what  the  police is  saying about  the  cases", said an official.

"We do  not see the  reason  why  the police should  not act on reported  cases  if  they have received them. The team  which  we  have tasked to make  these follow- ups is going to report to the police those cases which were not reported after investigating them. Yes  it’s  true  that some of the cases were not reported to the police…"

However a woman who lost a husband said: “It’s not true that we did not report the murders. I personally reported the murder of my husband at Mtawatawa police station nothing has materialized since last year."

"We know  the  reason why the  police  did  not act on our  reports because some  of  the  uniformed members were involved in these brutal killings and we cannot expect such people to carry investigations since they themselves are the perpetrators.”

According to the MDC security department:  “Names of the murderers were supplied by local people, some of them who say most of the killers operated within their rural homes especially soldiers. We are also told by villagers that the same perpetrators are threatening them and boasting that they are immune to prosecution, and are leading  the new bases which  have  emerged.”

The MDC has also challenged the police to quickly react on the case of its Mashonaland West Provincial driver Joshua  Bakacheza, who was killed in June last year before the party vehicle he was driving was hijacked by his murderers.

“We are worried by this dilly dallying by the police on this case which happened last year. Justice should prevail and perpetrators should be brought to book and we wonder why the police is reacting in such a manner. However  we will  not  rest and want to get to the bottom of  the matter and  in  this  case we are very patient,” said an official.

Bakacheza was killed by unidentified armed personnel on 25 June 2008, near Jaggers Masasa in Harare.

It is reported that he was transferring the family of yet another victim of the political violence, slain MDC activist Tonderai Ndira, from his Mabvuku  home to a safer destination. He was approached by armed men who threw away Mrs Ndira and her two year old baby out of the vehicle. His body was discovered dumped in a bush area near Beatrice town.

The party is inviting members of the public who might have information about the killing to contact the nearest police station.