Zimbabweans have been watching Pirate TV


    Most people in Zimbabwe now depend on the Witzech and Philibao free-to-air decorders, which are imported from Dubai shunning the local Zimbabwe Television.

    In a statement, ETV customer care representative. Thabiso Mampofu said the channel has been scrambled as it was being broadcast illegal in sub Sahara and Northern Africa.

    The e.tv signal into sub Sahara and Northern Africa was a pirate broadcast. The channel has put a stop to this illegal broadcast and e.tv will only be available in South Africa.

    However, please be aware that eAfrica may become available in your country should a local broadcaster decide to air the channel. eAfrica will allow you to view all your favourite programmes that you have come to enjoy,” Mampofu said.

    ETV has become popular in most homes in Zimbabwe particularly their news channel Enews and popular soapies such as Scandal and Rhythm City.