Mother ‘ecstatic’ after daughter in immigration battle granted visa for UK


    Megan McKay, 22, who lives in the city’s west end, is at the centre of a six-month immigration battle to bring her two-year-old daughter McKenzie to Scotland from Mozambique.

    She has now been told by the UK Border Agency that McKenzie has been granted a visa to enter the country but her mother, Sheryl, 54, is still stranded in Africa.

    Her appeal against the refusal of her original visa application was dismissed by a UK Border Agency tribunal. Ms McKay has been separated from her daughter for 21 months.

    A British passport holder, she moved to Dundee from Zimbabwe in November 2007, to get a house and job before her parents brought McKenzie to join her.

    Her family were left stranded in Mozambique, having fled there from Zimbabwe, after McKenzie was refused British citizenship.

    Ms McKay’s father, Andrew, 52, who is originally from Dundee, her 14-year-old brother Dylan and sister Ciara, 12, who are also British nationals, have since returned to live in Angus.

    The UK Border Agency says the children of British nationals can claim nationality by descent, but the rule does not extend to grandchildren.

    Last night Ms McKay said she was “ecstatic” her daughter has been granted a visa, but is still anxious about the uncertainty facing her mother.

    She said: “I was over the moon when I heard the news and I feel there’s some light at the end of the tunnel. I don’t know what the difference is, because we submitted the same documentation as we did for the original application.

    “We’re putting in a fresh application for mum, which will go in on August 12. Hopefully within a couple of weeks after that we’ll find out what the story is.

    “If it’s granted, both will come over soon. We can’t bring McKenzie over until mum is sorted out. To fly over there just to pick her up would be way too expensive, and it would mean mum would be on her own there.”

    The McKays’ case has been backed by Angus MP Mike Weir who has been lobbying the Home Office. A spokesman for Mr Weir said yesterday: “It’s a ridiculous situation but we’re pleased that half the battle has been won. We have to concentrate on getting Sheryl over.”