Mweb, Africa online to merge following Telkom takeover

MWEB chief operating officer Mr Reason Mataruse said, “Telkom purchased the MWeb Africa group of companies in April, an exercise that followed earlier acquisition of Africa Online. Both businesses have operations in a number of African countries, including Zimbabwe, where MWEB Zimbabwe and
Africa Online are successful Internet service providers.

“Telkom is at present exploring how best to integrate MWeb Africa and Africa Online, optimising service quality for clients of both companies in the various African markets in which they operate,” he told Zimbabwean media.

He added, “We are trying to come up with a road map and we hope to complete the negotiations in a few months’ time. At the moment we do not even have a name for the new entity and to give a time frame during which we expect the merger to be complete will be just a fallacy.

“We are still awaiting further instructions from Telkom South Africa, who are now the owners of the two companies.”

South Africa’s Telkom recently acquired the two Zimbabwean companies, strengthening its position as a pan-African ICT service provider.